The 7 ways Medium got membership launch wrong
Jessica Semaan

Jessica!!! First of all — You have so much to offer in the area of business. You could have a second publication devoted to biz success or some such. I would love to learn from you. :)

Secondly (Three more exclamation points), my heart is bursting with gratitude for this post. Honestly, your generosity has single handedly brought me back from the brink. I would have just drifted away with tears in my eyes from something that has been so very important to me (Medium.)

I’m glad Medium responded to you, but I would love to see some sort of acknowledgement of the…I’m just going to say it…hurt they have caused by their careless, seemingly thoughtless — indeed callous — handling of this entire remix. I would venture to say that for every person who expresses anger and disgust for how this dealio has gone down there’s an inner child with hurt feelings (between you and me.) I feel mistreated (if that’s not obvious) and I think it’s just fine to take this personally. Disregard is disregard.

So thanks, Jessica. Love, Emerald.

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