RE. Monty Roberts, here’s some light reading about the “lies” book and “natural horsemanship” in…
Caleb Ramsby

Oh right — also. I don’t know where you’re at with regard to horses these days, but Kerri has a very magical way of being with them as well as just being in the world in general — almost psychedelic — and I totally trust her. I attended a small workshop she led and had a private session as well. (but not about horses.more about spiritual guidance, you might say)

This is waaaay too many words… I guess i’m just trying to let you know that horses indeed can be engaged with in an honorable non-dominating way even though that one guy was a fraud…but you probably already know much more than I do. Maybe you own a stable! I don’t ride or work with horses I just adore them. I’m like one of those tween girls who has horse crushes. 🐎

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