1. Aeropress. I had 1.5 square feet of counter space. Co-living forces you to choose between your stuff and your space, and when it came to quality coffee, I chose space. Ergo, I retired my 65-piece orchestra of a coffee service — the bean grinder and Aeropress espresso maker and the filters and the stirrer — and drank instant coffee instead.
A Pack List For Co-Living ✔️
Jessica Guzik

This is big.

Jessica, I am completely flummoxed… I do not seem to have a response bubble showing up under my reads — only hearts. I hate to swear but, WTF??! I feel like you know things. Maybe you can help me out…

So really I was just looking for an interesting passage in one of your pieces as a vehicle for responding. I want to tell you that you have not shown up in my feed for forever and I actually thought you had disappeared.

Now, imagine my horror!!

I’m so behind on your posts, my love…🙁 I don’t know what to do.

For now I am just going to have to offer you a gift:


Much love, Emerald💚

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