Methods Of Lawn Maintenance

We love our homes and perform a lot of activities to make it look beautiful. Creation of a lawn outside the home is one of them. We spend a lot of money to make a good looking lawn. However we need to maintain these lawns periodically for better appearance and life of plantation made and other elements involved in lawns.

Lawn Care is usually unknown to most of us or else we don’t really keep it on our top priority list. We can carry out basic maintenance or get it done through Professional Lawn Care Service Providers.

Spending a little time for grass care every week could be beneficial in terms of long life of the grass that we seed expecting to grow a fresh looking lawn. A green, lush and thick lawn shows the pride we take in our property. At the same time it helps in many ways such as defense against weeds, draught, disease, winter kill and pests.

There are different types of grass available. The variety depends on its water requirement, requirement of sunlight, shade and moving heights. Another important factor for choosing right kind of grass is the climatic conditions of the place where we live in.

Knowledge about the type of grass and soil conditions would help us design a maintenance program most suitable for the grass we have. It is not mandatory to follow calendar dates strictly while performing various tasks related to lawn maintenance; however we should know the schedule of tasks that would help us in deciding what to do next and when.

Watering: this is done using methods such as water sprinklers. Usually we need to water our lawn to help it survive. Grass may require around 1 inch of water every day. However the quantity needed in the hot summer is higher than this. So, we need to plan for watering the lawn according to climatic conditions. We need to take care about wastage of water due to overwatering or leaving the irrigation system on during rainy season. Thus an optimum quantity of water should be provided to grass.

Mowing: We can utilize mechanized lawn mowers for cutting grass at the desired height. This helps in giving a good texture to the grass spread around. The lawn mowers cut the grass at a uniform level and thus the surface is maintained. We should avoid deep cuts, and ensure the top 1/3 part of grass is cut during mowing. This would avoid the chances of weed being developed. We need to sharpen the blades of the mower to ensure effective cutting.

Fertilizing: It is not required to fertilize the lawn every now and then; however to ensure proper growth of grass fertilizers can be used on regular intervals. Some of these methods need to be carried out when we perform seeding, and there are other fertilizers which are supposed to be used during the life cycle of grass for improved life and growth. We can use organic options and fast releasing fertilizers as well.

Aerating and Dethatching: Due to regular use of some parts of lawn for walking, playing of kids and even pets running on the surface, these parts of lawn get compacted and that affects passage of oxygen and nutrients to the roots. Aerating and Dethatching is a process of removing plugs of soil and depositing back on the top to form soil again. This method helps in proper distribution of soil in affected areas so that the grass is grown easily due to easy availability of oxygen , sunlight and other desired nutrients.

Topdressing: This is a method of adding compost or other materials such as mulch, loam, peat or combination of these materials for improvement to soil or leveling the existing lawn.

In this way we can maintain our lawn for extended life.

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