I’ve written lots in the past about the idea of the “smart city”, back in 2014, I was talking about the need to strip away complexity to make things happen. And truth be told concepts such as “city as a platform” or “smart city” can still be a little too complex, vague and daunting. What you need as a technologist is the ability to get in there and test things against real-time live infrastructures.

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MediaCityUK a perfect testbed

Our latest call at UP_Ventures with our partners MediaCityUK, The Landing, The Connected Places Catapult and the Peel Group allows just this — the ability to test in real time. Across the MediaCityUK estate there is extensive Wi-Fi provision which is campus-wide and synchronous with an operating speed of 200mb per second. Access points include Cisco Meraki and are strategically placed to accommodate 100’s of concurrent connections. We have support if you are working in IoT and want to present dedicated service set identifiers (SSID’s) and can also provide for any technical system to be hosted in a secure manner at MediaCity UK. …



Project Director @UP_Ventures Previously @FederationMCR Director TransportAPI. Former Chair of the Open Data Governance Board Ireland.

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