How to integrate Rave with Odoo ERP & CRM for your business

So in this article, we will be discussing how to integrate rave into Odoo ERP & CRM to take care of payment collection for your business. Odoo is a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planner and Customer Relations Manager with a monthly subscription service. We would go through the steps of installing Odoo locally on our computer, installing and configuring our Rave payment acquirer for Odoo and setting up a store to accept payment.


  1. A Rave account
  2. Odoo Standalone application

We would be installing Odoo locally on our computer so you can download the standalone application on their nightly website. We recommend you download the latest version of Odoo but for the purpose of this article, we would be using the latest stable release for Odoo 12 which can be found here.

On installation, Odoo creates a postgreSQL database and a new user account on your computer with the name openpgsvc, this user account contains a virtual machine which is used by Odoo to manage the postgres servers.

Odoo server and PostgreSQL database installation

After the Installation process is complete, we set up our database using the Odoo database configuration web application which launches shortly after the installation is finished.

Configuring our database on Odoo

Next will be to set up a store website where we can sell clothes and collect money using rave, we will install the required modules to do this on Odoo. The required modules are the website. e-commerce, invoicing and sales module and we search for these modules on the local Odoo app store

Odoo App Store

After installing the required module, we add products to our store using the website and e-commerce module which we can access on the menu.

Creating a product on Odoo
Odoo product created

After creating a product for purchase on Odoo, we can now install rave to accept payment on our website. Download the official rave payment acquirer module here and copy into your local disk drive, in the Odoo addons directory. For a Windows PC, you can copy it to this directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Odoo 12.0\server\odoo\addons

When the module has been successfully copied into the addons directory, set your dashboard to be in developer mode so you can install the module

Activating the developer mode on Odoo

Update the apps list in the app store and search for the module and install the module

Rave payment Acquirer

Now we will configure the plugin by inputting our API keys and the environment. Navigate to Invocing> Configuration> Payment Acquirers

Odoo Invoicing page

Activate Rave, input your API keys, set the environment and publish the module to appear on the website. Then you will be set to accept payment on your store via rave.

Configure Rave Payment Acquirer

To test the payment process we navigate to the front-end of our store and add a product to cart.

Odoo add to cart

Add your shipping details and proceed to payment. Rave will appear as a payment option for your customers.

Odoo payment options

On payment successful completion, you will receive a notification that the payment was successful.

Rave payment modal
Odoo successful payment

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