What is Medium? + Emerge Instazine

Medium is a new addition to the internet world but the question of whether it is a publisher or a platform remains unanswered to many people. The founder of Medium, Evan Williams, states that it is both because it consist of a magazine like format but users can contribute ( https://gigaom.com/2014/06/09/is-medium-a-platform-or-a-publisher-and-is-matter-a-magazine-or-a-collection-yes/ ). In our Instazine group, we discussed this in depth and we came to the consensus that it is both a publisher and a platform. It allows users to show their work and it is also a place where they are able produce work. This relates to our Instagram Magazine(Instazine) where it will be the place where we make our work and but it will also be a place where all of our content will be displayed.

Like many people when we heard the term “Instazine” we did not know what it meant. But once the concept was explained to us, we began to vision what we wanted to achieve by the end of the semester. After the first few meeting we had, we were confident that were we going in the right direction but feedback and questions from our presentation proved that there were many issues that needed to be addressed before we began to launch the content that we will be producing. One of the main issues was how our Instazine was going to be a part of larger Emerge brand in terms of consistency. This meant that we had to tweak some parts of our original framework in order for what we want doing to be recognized as Emerge and not something completely unrelated.

The main theme for Emerge this year is “Breaking Barriers”and “Through the Lens”. Our Instazine will address both of these as our theme is Expose Toronto. Barriers will be broken because we will be showing people another side of Toronto that is overlooked by mainstream media and our city will be captured through our lenses. Our group knows that there will be challenges but we also know that the successes will outweigh that. We are excited to see our vision come to reality as time progresses.