Emerge Comes Out Of Stealth Bringing A New Dimension Of Presence To XR

With $12M in Series A funding, Emerge aims to enable more meaningful, engaging, and diverse cross-reality interactions that bring us closer to the people we care about

By Mauricio Teran, Isaac Castro, Sly Lee

  • Mom playing a game with her child, interacting with characters that come to life
  • Using touch-sensations to convey emotion in place of emojis
  • Kids playing and sharing digital toys with their cousins abroad
  • Learning about the solar system, feeling the rotation of a neutron star
  • Shape and feel music with your hands
  • Virtual pets you can interact with and feel, like a Tamagotchi 2.0 or Pikachu

We’re bringing touch and emotion to extended reality experiences — bridging the distance between you and what matters.

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