BitPetite Partner Review

Here is the second part of my BitPetite review series. My BitPetite Investor Review can be found here. BitPetite offers a great partner program. After using the investor side of it with success, I wanted to see what could be made from the partner side. It is based on a pyramid type scheme, you earn money from the deposits your referrals make.

If your referral deposits $3000, you will get 10% of the deposit. In this case $300 and you get 3% of there dividends. The more they invest the more you earn!

I spammed my referral code around the internet and have managed to get a few signups.

In a week I already got $400 in free referral money. Mostly from my 1st tier or referrals. The payout is instant also, no waiting to get paid out. So that is a big plus.

So just based of this I am giving this referral program 10/10.

Referral code:

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