A Tale Unfolds — free film-making opportunity

The film-making start up secures funding from UK film education charity IntoFilm due to progress in improving literacy.

Does your school want free staff training in how to use video and filmmaking to improve literacy? Is your school in or around the London area?

One of our start ups, A Tale Unfolds, has secured a deal with IntoFilm who are the UK’s largest film education charity. Having recognised that A Tale Unfolds has doubled literacy progress in over 1000 schools in the past year, IntoFilm has granted them funding to train primary schools in how to harness this most powerful medium.

Founder Dominic Traynor says, ‘Kids these days absolutely love watching and making videos. Some people see this as an issue, one of the reasons that traditional literacy skills are suffering. However, we have shown that, when you embrace video, it can transform levels of reading and writing as well as levels of engagement and motivation.’

Delivered as a 2 hour training session in your school, it can be run as a staff meeting or part of an INSET day. It will help to improve curricular learning, assessment and attainment through the use of video and filmmaking techniques. A Tale Unfolds will also demonstrate how to adapt these techniques to suit your level of experience, classroom environment and age group.

If your school would like to access this free training, please contact Dominic on dom@ataleunfolds.co.uk or ring 07552601604

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