EE6 startup Wonde, making school data simple

Peter Dabrowa, CEO, Wonde

How are you upgrading learning?

We see school data as a key fundamental when it comes to applications building and introducing learning tools to schools. The power of data can truly transform an application and unlock the way in which users initially engage with tools which in time also ensures their ‘stickiness’ within the school environment.

Applications have to be useful to schools, but also easy for them to implement and maintain… introducing a service such as Wonde that is able to provide access to live school data (i.e. student names, classes, teachers, parent details etc.) helps automate this process for all involved.

What makes you the team achieve this?

We’re very much focussed on keeping things simple, which schools really appreciate. We learnt this lesson at eSchools, my previous edtech start-up which sold a suite of digital tools to schools. It is still running and serves around 2000 schools.

This is where I met my present co-founders, Jon Coleman and Philip Clifton. It’s a bit of a dream team; Jon used to be a Deputy Headteacher and knows how to speak to schools, Philip is a very effective CTO, and I seem to have a good commercial head on my shoulders.

What stage are you at, and are you measuring success?

Wonde is already in 4,000 primary and secondary schools here in the UK, along with a growing number overseas. We began building our platform and integration tools a year ago and introduced it to the market with a soft launch in January 2016. We very much measure our success on the number of schools whose data we manage, but also the amount of applications using us as a source of school data.

What three things do you hope to achieve through the accelerator?

We would like to further clarify our strategy with how we can further increase our school coverage, increase our visibility to applications as a source of school data and to for us to work more closely with stakeholders to understand their longer term needs.

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