Emerge BETT 2016 round-up: Gojimo

We asked our friends at the UK’s leading revision app Gojimo how they fared at BETT 2016.

a) Was this your first BETT? If not, how did it compare?

We exhibited once before and last year we hosted a drinks party in a neighbouring wine bar. We decided quite last minute to attend BETT this year, mainly because we were offered a good deal on the space. This made it easier for us to attend what can be quite an expensive event. As in previous years the footfall was high and the quality of teachers attending was good.

b) What was your aim for BETT this year? How did it go?

Our main aim was brand awareness — we wanted to get more teachers recommending Gojimo to their students, and it was a good first opportunity to start promoting our new tutoring platform, Gojimo Tutor. We had a really positive response and got some good leads, and it’s always great to be able to talk to teachers and educators who are engaged in educational technology.

c) Are you going to exhibit next year? What will have changed for your company by then?

Absolutely — the stand’s already booked. We will have a much bigger presence in line with our growing company, plus our tutoring service will be up and running by then.

d) What is your key take-away from the conference: an inspiring quote, a new product you’ll adopt?

Some of us were fairly tied to the Gojimo stand! But it’s obvious from the scale of BETT that it’s an incredibly exciting time to be involved in EdTech, and there are lots of great innovations happening across the board. There were some amazing new ventures in the Futures section which continues to showcase the best start ups and emerging businesses (including several fellow EdSpacers).

e) What would you like BETT to do in the future that they don’t already do?

We’d love a bigger discount for early stage companies! It’s a big step up from the affordable options of Futures to booking a whole stand elsewhere in the hall. I think the zoned pricing next year is a step in the right direction but there is still room for a halfway house — it’s something we are looking into ourselves actually so do come and see us if you fall into this category. We’d also love to see the organisers more open to ‘off plan’ ideas for branding and exhibiting.

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