Introducing EE6

Emerge Education

After receiving 190 applications from 43 countries, we have selected 5 exceptional companies to work closely with over the coming 3 months.

Over the coming weeks we will take a deep dive into the founding teams and the businesses they are building. For now, please meet our 6th cohort.


Bibliotech is the Spotify for Textbooks. Their web app provides students all the textbooks they need, at any time on any device for a small monthly fee. Their ground breaking search engine returns definitions, diagrams and examples enabling students to learn and answer assessment questions faster than ever before.


The BookAdvisor for children’s books and other educational and entertainment content. Boolino aims to redefine the relationship between content creators and book buyers, build an ecosystem which integrates all relevant players of the value chain and develop unique products that change the way children interact with books and content.


Filisia aims to change the way people with autism, learning disabilities, or those who have suffered traumatic brain injuries or stroke are rehabilitated. Their accessible hardware controllers and therapy software engage students with profound and multiple learning disabilities. This is coupled with powerful data capture and analytics.


Peergrade enhances the learning environment for students by facilitating peer evaluations. Peer grading provides students with the feedback they deserve — in most cases more than 20 times more. Peergrade are working with leading HE institutions to deliver their solution to learners and educators.


Wonde allows schools to integrate data intensive apps with their data management platform in a secure way. Wonde are already working with over 2,000 schools and a growing community of the best educational apps for schools.

Emerge Education

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