Emerge Progress Report

(Reading week)

“The Friendship Project” — on Thursday, Anne and I captured some b-roll to use for her first episode of the series. The footage covered the band “Unbuttoned” who’s front man, Casey MQ is the first subject of The Friendship Project. We have also successfully interviewed and filmed Casey for the first episode. The content will most likely be edited and finished by our hard launch next Tuesday.

Matt continues to work on his documentary called “Ringside Barriers”.

“Millennials Breaking Barriers”- Asha, Anne and I have successfully interviewed and filmed John Samuel's, a subject for the mini series. Along with the interview we also managed to capture some b-roll for the series, as well as some behind the scenes footage of our production and set up.

Melissa Progress Report- This week Melissa has primarily been focusing on a commentary piece that she is writing for the web mag. It’s a piece on baby boomers vs. Millennials and she will be collaborating with Devin, who’s going to do some digital drawings to go along with it. For the millennial spotlight profile series, Asha, Melissa and Chidera have successfully filmed 4 subjects and are in the process of editing their most current interviews. They have nailed down the rest of their subjects and now just need to schedule them within the next couple weeks. Melissa is close to completing her first draft of the feature story about web accessibility, which she is writing for the print mag. Once she has a solid draft down, she will be working with one of the print mag photographers to arrange photos to accompany it.

Mariah’s Progress Report
Video / Doc Role:
“The Friendship Project”- Helped Anne capture b-roll and behind the scenes photographs. Shot video and photos for the first episode. Plans to draw up graphics which will then be digitized in order to add more visuals to the series.

“Millennials Breaking Barriers”- Interviewed and shot footage of John Samuel’s to be used in the mini series. Captured b-roll as well as behind the scenes footage of our production and set up.

Art gallery manager role along with Anne:
After successfully speaking with Jerry, Anne and I have secured our Image Arts Gallery Budget at $1500. We have plans as listed in this Document.

Photo essay project :
“Business oddity’s downtown” Has now been finalized as “Eccentric Eateries” Food places that use innovation to better the city of Toronto. Signs, Onoir and TOT are all similar as they are all food locations downtown Toronto that have an alternate purpose outside of the traditional food industry. I have made arrangements to photograph one of these locations this week, in order to have photos to show for next Tuesday.

Photo journalist role:
Inspiring reasons Ontario Students went into their field. Colleen and I have narrowed down a subject. I will be photographing a student from UOFT later this week to include as her leading photograph for the hard launch next Tuesday.

Photos for Art Exhibit :
 I have been going through ideas and inspirations from our theme Resilience to narrow down my photo theme for the emerge art exhibit. I have decided to try our my “Diamonds and Pearls” theme to see how they turn out.


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