Meeting January 19, 2016

Since our first meeting on our team had created pitches. Since the team that was chosen was pretty vague, so we all came up with different pitches that matched what we though were millennials breaking barriers.

The meeting on the 19th was very helpful as we were finally able to discuss in person were we saw our project going along with the expectations that were give to us by Daniela.

We then were able to go online with each other and find examples of video that replicate what we were trying to do with our mini series. The is a video that Annie posted that is the style we are looking to take with our mini series.

Our biggest challenge from the previous week was actually figuring out where our group stood in terms of the web magazine. We struggled to figure out if we are suppose to make a huge documentary or a bunch of individual videos.

In the week ahead we are looking to figure out the best way for our team to work together. We would like to figure out each other limitations so we can help each other grow. We are remembering to look at to as more of a production team with editors, writers, camera operators, storytellers etc.

We have decided to do a current affairs bi-weekly talking to people streeters. Asking them about situations that are current in the media that deal with barriers people face. The example we spoke about was diversity within the oscars. For that project we are thinking of working in pairs as talking to people are the street requires more work.

Here is another example of a video that fits our idea.

In the week ahead we plan to find out if our pitches are approved and have to more forward we the pitches that are excepted. As we had an idea of what we would like to do we would first need to figure out which projects are going to need more time based and how we are going to keep up to date with our post.

Our goal is to also have a few intros read for our videos so there will be a sneak peak or what is ahead for the video/doc team.

— Asha Walker