So Much Work!

I submitted the first instalment of the Social Media Hot Topic series which has been published and I am working on the second post to be uploaded on Monday or Tuesday. I am working with Asha to tighten up the story line behind Luc Pokorn, one of our subjects for the Millennial Spotlight Series. I am also working on the first episode of season 2 of the series. I have also fact checked another one of Graeme’s story’s for the web magazine.

This week Asha and I finished up Cindy’s video. Asha has also been in contact with two other people to set up interviews for next week. Luc Pokorn who is one of the potential new stories can speak 4 languages and he won a Chinese speaking contest beating Chinese people! Nerissa Kay another potential new story has founded a company called artlet which help people express themselves in an environment free of judgment. On Saturday went to an event John Samuels (the fourth episode of the series) was hosting to get more b-roll. Asha is also going to the new studio he is building next week to get b-roll.

This week Melissa was working on securing a location for our interview with Richard (DJ), another subject season 2 of the series. It’s been a lot harder than she thought it would be because he’s only available weekday evenings, and most bars won’t let you film at that time, and clubs are only open on weekends. A place he’s DJ’ed at, Pacific Junction Hotel, will let us film while they’re open (in the DJ booth, which is perfect), but now the struggle is finding a time that works for Richard, because it’s not exactly close to where he lives. But if all goes well, Asha and Melissa will film with him this week. Melissa also submitted her first draft of her long form piece.

“The Friendship Project” — On Tuesday Anne, Asha and Mariah successfully interviewed and filmed Abbi, the second subject for the series. Photo essay project : “Eccentric Eateries” is well underway with only Onoir left to photograph which Mariah has plans to photograph next Sunday. Photo journalist role: Mariah has been assigned along with two other photographers to photograph the EMA’s show. Mariah will be taking part in a meeting next week to discuss details. Exhibit Manager Role — Anne and Mariah have had their first official meeting with the research team to assign roles for the exhibit. They will be meeting again next week to view the progress that has been made.

Matt got great ideas during the Tuesday meeting from the entire Web Mag team. He will be focussing on bullying for Marco’s story. He brainstormed with Daniela and Melissa regarding questions for Marco’s family and his coach. He booked an interview with Ranny Tal (Marco’s coach for this coming Wednesday). He has almost completed a rough cut of the opening sequence of the documentary featuring slow motion footage of one of Marco’s exhibition fights last summer. Trouble may come when it comes to getting other people in this footage to sign release forms but he’s working on it. He will be adding shots of a reenactment of a bullying scene in this opening sequence to juxtapose bullying and a semi-professional boxing fight.

— Chidera Ukairo