“Who Sucks Less?” is Setting the Bar Too High This Time

This is the best we could do? Way to go ‘Merica.

I know a lot of folks are feeling the same way. Every four years we have to choose, often having to decide “who sucks less?”. This time around though … wow. ‘Hellary’ and Donald the Demagogue are the best we could do? A career criminal and an inflammatory douche bag. I weep for our future (at the least the next four years). I cringe for the young people in this country watching this charade.

Never has the arena been more ripe for a legit third part candidate. Ross Perot showed it was feasible, but we have yet to get back to that level of independent candidate success. Of course, no one has come along who had enough money to make an effective third-party showing. I may actually have to vote for Gary “Brainfart” Johnson just to make a freakin’ point. Yay Democracy.

Even worse, this is the first time my kids are of an age that they are all paying attention to this train wreck, and there doesn’t seem to anything good to glean from it. How is, “Anyone with enough money can become President, no matter how many laws they break, or how little they know about governing and human decency” for a lesson?

I sure hope 2020 brings some better choices and a break from the status quo. The next four years may be rough. Good luck everyone.