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Here are my top tips for you to Ace your Remote Job Interview and ensure you build a brilliant relationship with your potential teammates that lead to a job offer.

I have been interviewing people around the world over video and phone for years. …

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I originally shared my Intent-Based Talent Acquisition Model in Berlin at TechRec.

Here it is for you with my first draft of the user guide. Keen to hear you’r feedback and successes using it over the next few weeks/months and years.


To add extra context, here is the video of the talk I gave at Tech Rec Berlin thanks to Hung Lee’s Stream in Recruiting Brainfood’s Facebook group. Make sure you subscribe to Recruiting Brainfood for the best recruiting content everyweek!

Live from tech rec berlin (sorry about the sound)


This is the cumulation of several years thinking around the fact that the core role of a recruiter/sourcer is to find out what people intend to do. During my time at Indeed.com, the worlds largest job search engine, I started to get my hands dirty with new data sets and new massive scale hiring problems that lead me to the simple…

Dear Awesome Followers of the Doctolib Medium Account.


Thanks to your awesome contributions and shares, this week we got featured in a Top 40 French Engineering blog.

Thank you

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Tris Revill

Often found chatting with my mouth full, writing mainly about recruitment. Hiring @doctolib. Community Founder #DBR #GrowthHackingRecruiters

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