Do violent Christians — the ones who firebomb black churches — have switches, too?
Ben Wolford

That you accuse me of being intellectually lazy, but reflexively resort to criticizing America(?) when Islamic terror is a global issue shows some thick bias.

The last time a black church was firebombed — complete with “Vote Trump” graffiti — the perpetrator was black. With the exception of the Dylan Roof atrocity — which I’m sure you salivate over — no one was harmed in these attacks on churches, and some only suffered minor structural damage. Now, this is not to say that those attacks weren't abominable, but if you are going to attempt to compare apples to oranges, then I am going to set you straight. So why then are you defending Islamic terrorist attacks that are happening globally today, right now, by pointing to left-wing terrorists of the past and church fires with zero casualties… in America? Do you really want me to present you with a global body count comparison of Christians and Muslims? Or the fact that show that no one kills more Muslims than other Muslims? Because I can and you will feel stupid. Talk about intellectually lazy nonsense.

I should point out that I am not a believer, so I am well aware of the fact that any ideology can become a violent one, but none so much as Islam in its fundamentalist form. Every other major religion in existence today has gone through a period of reformation and dilution, dilution that has made them compatible with modern civilization; Islam has never enjoyed such reformation. The petulant defenses of unaffected Westerners like you ensure that it never will and no one is more afflicted by this than Muslim reformists. The West may be suffering from Islamic terrorism more frequently, but it is a daily fact of life in the Middle East and North Africa, and your misguided “social justice” ironically perpetuates that.

Stop and take a moment to appreciate how arrogant you are. That you can take words of survivors who are vociferously outspoken against this violent ideology — because they lived it — and simply throw them in the trash with a flimsy, poorly thought out three-sentence response. You don’t write well and it’s nonsense.