Stop Fetishizing These War Victims And The Piece Of Cloth They’re Draped In
Caitlin Johnstone

The profound lack of facts, impartiality, and integrity reduces this post to an impotent, pathetic temper tantrum by just another one of America’s can-do-withouts.

The delicious irony of this post is that men — not blobby miserable bloggers — who have fought and died for this country have provided you with a civilization in which you are free to slander, discredit, and obliterate the American flag. You’re free to do and achieve absolutely nothing with your life, thanks to those men whose coffins are draped with the flag.

Let it sink in that you’re not special. You’re not unique, in fact there are hordes of androgynous wretches like yourself all slamming the buttons on their keyboards, producing empty words and childish finger-pointing condemnations.

Colin is getting what he deserves and thanks to the freedoms which men far superior to yourself have preserved, it’s completely legal in this wonderful, free country.

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