This year’s summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro are about to begin, and it’s safe to say that it’s been a certified s**t show so far.

For one, Brazil itself is in complete and utter turmoil. The country is currently facing its greatest recession in 100 years, handling a potential global health crisis, and their president was recently suspended as part of impeachment proceedings. There’s also been an uptick in police killings and 20,000 families have been evicted from their homes.

These are the overarching problems Rio is facing. As if these horrifying realities weren’t not bad enough, here are some other things that have gone down:

And this is all before the opening ceremony.

We thought it was just us who were thinking, “Hey, maybe we shouldn’t be sending nations’ top athletes to this Zika-infested, uninhabitable place that isn’t properly equipped to handle them.”

But, luckily, it seems we are not alone. Many people have come out on Twitter to share their incredulousness about the mayhem of the Olympic games.

This is gonna be me watching everything fall apart at the Olympics this year
— gotta ryan ross (@seraphicsaphael) August 4, 2016
I just read up on how absolutely horrendous the water is in Rio and I can’t understand why the Olympics isn’t being pulled out of there.
— Carrie Pitre (@MissCarrie_Baby) August 1, 2016
If you’re going to the Olympics this year don’t forget to pack the necessities.
— Mark (@pawyai1) July 25, 2016
The Olympics really shouldn’t be happening. Rio is really in shambles rn
— Danny (@Dannatello_2) July 26, 2016
I don’t know why they keep trying to make the Olympics happen this year.
— MEAGY MEAG (@thatsmeagymeag) July 26, 2016
How are the Olympics still happening? It has such a horrible impact.
— Najah (@najahcasimir) August 3, 2016
the olympics this year is already a piping hot problematic mess I’m already over the hype
— RIP Pinky Flamingo (@kdxwns) July 5, 2016

There’s also been a fair amount of people tweeting that they didn’t even remember the Olympics were happening this year.

Is it bad that I completely forgot about the Olympics??
— em (@emilylynch96) August 4, 2016
— Nini (@keysdimples) June 21, 2016
— Jobe Bean Bryant (@jodecii___) May 15, 2016

And maybe that’s the answer. Forget about the Olympics this year, let Rio get itself back together, and do this whole thing elsewhere.

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CORRECTION: This article has been updated to reflect that Dilma Rousseff has suspended from office as part of the process of impeachment. She has not yet been impeached, as a previous version of the story stated.

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