The First Post is Always the Most Awkward

Welcome to my first post!

I’ve been meaning to make a Medium post for a long time, but I’ve been trying to wrack my brain on what exactly should I write about? Then, a few days ago it came to me. You see — 2017 was a year of a lot of changes for me, I finally decided where I wanted to lead my career path after my undergrad degree, and unfortunately, my career path was not headed the direction that my undergrad degree would have taken me. I had a passion for all things computers, IT, and computer science. It was never realized until I actually graduated and took a few online coding classes. The thing was too — I was pretty good at it, I was picking up the basics of coding pretty fast, my only problem was that I’m not able to retain information very well when classes are given through an online format. Another issue I was facing was that I really wasn’t ready to let go of my science background. Thus, I decided to combine to two: pursuing a career in health informatics.

Starting January, I began a program in Data Science, which would supplement my undergrad degree which did not have a computer science courses anywhere! In this Medium “blog” I wanted to document my journey of learning Python, working on different data sets using Jupyter notebooks, and, overall thoughts and interesting finds in the world of Data Science (and hopefully data science in healthcare).

I’ve been blogging on and off for a few years now — and I always find that the first post in any blog is always the most awkward. Well…hopefully that changes in the upcoming weeks!

Thanks for reading!

A health informatician and aspiring health data analyst. I am a photographer, writer, dancer, and public health advocate. Join me on my journey!