The art of being in the wrong place at the right time: behind the scenes of social media newsgathering

7:59 am

7:59 am : A first explosion happens 20 metres to the right of me. Everyone understands instantly, people flee instinctively. My phone is in my hands, I try and open the camera app. Three seconds later, another explosion, this time to my left. One second later, I’m filming what is happening, a 27 second video — the time it takes me to leave the terminal building. People are walking, completely dazed, I wave my hands at them to show them to get out of the airport quickly.

Dealing with a disaster 101

I learnt a huge amount from this horrendous day. About human nature, about the logistical organisations around such a catastrophe, about the police, about what goes on in the media, about Twitter trolls, about my friends, about myself.

Throwing in some clichés

Even if I truly want to, I will not name the people I interacted with since the start of the week. There were the good (professional, empathetic, trustworthy), and there were the bad and the ugly (idiots, vultures, miscreants… sorry, I’m unable to find better adjectives).



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