Inductance Calculators — Free Calculators to Calculate Inductance

Save yourself the time and trouble of looking up formulas and punching your calculator. EMI Software provides dozens of online calculators, free. Our free inductance calculators calculate inductance of 11 different conductor configurations.

Instantly compute the inductance for most common conductor configurations. Use our free calculators at to calculate internal and external inductance, wire pair inductance, wire over ground plane inductance, and more.

Many conductor properties are frequency dependent and dynamically affect electromagnetic characteristics of circuitry and systems. Our calculators provide instant, accurate results that you can use every day.

Plus, you get the formulas and the ability to change wire radius, length, frequency, conductivity, and permeability.

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Compute the inductance of eleven common conductor configurations used in cabling and printed circuit boards.
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The EMI Software website toolbox contains more than 25 calculators. Now you can quickly calculate capacitance, inductance, and resistance for all common conductors configurations.

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