Why Loan Calculators Are Helpful App with Precision

Jasprit Solanke
Jun 21 · 3 min read

EMI Calculator- IFSC, Loan & Finance Planner app helps you calculate monthly payments, interest, or loan amount. It allows you to create payment schedules and plan advanced payments.

Main features of the program

Despite its simplicity, the Car Loan App has a fairly extensive list of possibilities for calculating your loans. The application will be useful for those who want to take a mortgage or consumer credit, as well as those who need to check the correctness of bank calculations.

Features of this application:

- Calculate monthly payments depending on the loan amount.

- Calculate the loan amount depending on monthly payments.

- The ability to calculate the payment schedule, with the option to calculate interest, daily or monthly.

- Inbuilt currency converter

- You can check the home loan rates for different banks in your area

- The ability to choose a loan date.

- The ability to save calculations and load saved loans.

- Find bank branches, IFSC codes, MICR codes, Bank name within your state

Our loan calculator app will notify you every month to remind you about all your next payments. Our application allows you to calculate any variable: interest rate, monthly payment, duration or loan amount; giving you; as a result the total interest payable, the total cost of the loan and the amortization table. Depreciation tables, charts, notifications, options to export, and much more absolutely FREE. Perfect to calculate:

• Personal loans

• Student loans

• Mortgage loans

• Commercial loans

• Loans for automobiles, car, etc.

• Find ATM

• Calculate your EMI

• Access your Finance and financial news with one touch

What differentiates Loan app from all the other applications that calculate loans?

Well, we have several reasons, then we show you some:

• Calculate any variable of your loan: interest rate, monthly payment, and loan duration or loan amount

• Our application includes notifications; we will send you a notification to remind you about your loan payments

• An amortization table with all the loan details

• Store, email, or share your loan history. You also get graphs and pie chart to help you better understand your payment

• We made the design more functional, easy to read, and intuitive.

• We made it so fast and easy to use that you can perform calculations in a matter of seconds.

• The application shows the top 4 currencies on the top of the screen for ease of use.

• It is designed to work for all devices with any software version.

The Home Loan App is meant for the Indian audience and offers Indian currency and rate of value. In order to avail the information about the home loan, you will be asked to provide some documentation. However, all of your information is secure within the app and is not shared with anyone else. So, basically, we can say that your all types of financial and banking calculation are handy with you in your smartphone. All you have to do is to download the app from the App store. It is a lightweight app, and that is what makes it the right choice for all types of mobile models.

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