I found some today, a burst of it so productive I wondered what alien being had overcome my body. My poor husband, he didn't even have any warning. The whole house was under review, every drawer and every closet. There was no place to hide.

It made me wonder what the secret to motivation is. Why does it seem to appear in short bursts and in most cases at midnight. I accomplished more in those three hours than in my entire four day weekend. If I was that motivated to get things done every day of my life, it would alleviate so much stress. Yet I find myself flipping between Facebook and Instagram for 2 hours a day on the couch avoiding all the things I want to get done. Is it will power?

Will power, that must be it. But how to bring it out of yourself, to harness the power. Another mind game much like the one I previously wrote about food. My mind always seems to be stopping me from the things that I want.

So that’s it then becoming stronger than our own mind.

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