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This method will help you make better decisions

Emiel Janson
2 min readMar 7, 2016


Every now and then you have to make some hard decisions. For example: what project do you want to take? What job is best for you? What do you want to focus on? What do you want to learn?

A few weeks ago I came to a realization that I’m not feeling challenged enough. I’d like to learn more and keep developing myself in different areas.

Maybe I should start learning Ruby, join another startup, do more freelancing or something else.

That being said I really don’t want to leave Blendle: the company I’m working at (part-time). I have a lot of ownership, lovely colleagues and a great, open and non-bossy culture.

My colleague, Duco, who is head of our international expansion team, and does a lot with Excel, helped me clear up my mind. Duco asked me to write down all the values I find important about what I wanted to do. Then I had to list all the possible options and score them between 1–10 against the values.

I added an importance factor to the values column.

The result of this method gave me some eye openers. I found out that I’m spending too much of my time (12–20 hours a week) doing something that didn’t came out that positive: freelancing.

Almost every time I used this method, I changed my mind because the numbers pointed out something I hadn’t noticed before.

The reason this helps, is because it’s too hard to think about everything you value when you compare your options in your mind. By writing them down you check on each value one-by-one. It gives you much better insight.

Note that you should use this as tool. Don’t let the spreadsheet make the decision for you. Very often your gut feeling points you in the right direction. Use this method to make sure you’re not overlooking things. And when the numbers are close, it’s easy to pick the winner with your gut.

I’m still exploring my options, also within Blendle. But I already made the decision that I’m going to cut my freelance time in half.

You can use this method for a lot of different things. I scored my side-project ideas based on the amount of work, things I could learn, possible incoming revenue etc.

👉 Try it yourself

I made a template you can use.

Download the template (both .xls and .numbers)

Or use Google Spreadsheets (Thanks to Marc Howard)

I would love it if you press recommend. 💚

You can always reach me on 🐥 @emieljanson. I‘d to hear your thoughts and experience with this method.



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