The Paul McCartney ‘gets rejected from da club’ video analysed by a woman in an office eating a vegetarian burrito on her lunch break

  1. 0.23 Someone has brought some roses to a club. Why?
  2. Was the TMZ cameraman not afraid of crossing into the twilight zone by asking a Beatle what their favourite Rolling Stone track is? What is Paul thinking at 0.07 when he dozily stares at the camera. Is he having a flashback to the 60's? Or has he completely shunned that era because the obvious answer would have been, ‘I Wanna Be your Man”, since he wrote it? Is he ok?
  3. The woman in the white dress. Why is she there? Who is she? Does she actually know Beck and Paul ? Why does everyone ignore her? What’s “SHOCKING”? Is it really shocking that musicians are at a music award after party? Where does she go? Most importantly, what does she need?
  4. Who are the inoffensive yet pretty women waiting for the men in the black SUV? Were they not planning to go into the club? Were they going to wait all night in the SUV while their men partied? Or did they know all along the men were going to get rejected?

Burrito done.

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