Full Moon Medicine Retreat

December 12–18, 2016

Om at Cashew Hill Jungle Lodge, Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

It’s nearly 2017, and you’ve been there for your family, friends, and community all year…

In the past, you would put others first — even if you didn’t have the energy.

You imagined a time would come to reopen the treasure box of buried hopes, and deepest dreams — time to call in the things you put on hold.

Lately, there’s been something pushing you to act differently, to go with the flow, and move with a different energy — but it’s tough. People around you are still running around in the same way, and expecting the same of you as well. But a feeling in your body sings a new song — a song that makes you want to be wild and free, to dance and explore life enhanced by your vision! But you try to control yourself, brushing seemingly wild ideas under the rug, then feeling a bit like you’re dying inside.

An ache, a deep longing to express bubbles up. And, when you keep it down, other emotions arise. Feelings of sadness, anger, nervousnous, frustration, insecurity, embarrassment, uncertainty, and F E A R. Without knowing, you are judging expanded T R U T H, as if you are u n w o r t h y of exploring your inner-light. But, your soul can’t be broken — a wave of energy inside your higher being beckons and begs you to BREAK FREE.

It’s time, a new paradigm in the way we live is dawning — and only you can make the conscious powerful choice to take it on. Your purpose is written in your essence, explored through your gifts, and integrated by fully accepting life in the unknown.

It’s time,

Time to break out of old habits

To be free of unconscious patterns

To let go of any energy you’ve been carrying that isn’t yours

Reclaim the lost parts of yourself — so you become One

Fully integrated

Wholly recognized

Never again abandoned

Totally present

Fiercely loved

And always held…by the hand who nurtures, the hand who gives -

Become your own lover,




And believer -

Because only YOU can Be your Full Expression — and only YOU will make the journey of your shadow to expand further into the Depth of your Bliss.

It’s up to you -

Life is magical, but it takes work to explore and reside in that part of yourself. We’re here to help you get there, show you how to navigate, and offer tips to take home to keep working the Light, the Inner-Guidance, to ground you in your True Self, wherever you go. We’re here to create space for your spiritual essence to shine.


Email: holysegu@gmail.com or gia@divinelygia.com

How does The Medicine Retreat work?

Every day is set up to explore and dive deep into each chakra, journeying through workshops, healing ceremonies, and mindful learning activities.

We will also be focusing on a specific element each day to connect more deeply with our bodies, and support the knowledge and processes we explore. Each day will encompass experiences of the previous day, building and balancing as we go.

There is an optional traditional medicine ceremony on Saturday night, the 18th, after we are officially done. A local medicine woman and amazing guide is serving us Grandmother medicine. For more information, please inquire.

Participants of all levels, skills, or abilities — welcome! This is open to anyone truly craving deep healing, connection, transformation, and plenty of adventure and fun! We limit the group to 12 people maximum to give you the time and attention you deserve.

What does The Medicine Retreat include?


Yoga, Meditation, Qigong Movement, Song & Sound Healing


Breathing & Toning, Finding Your Voice


Medicinal Plant Walk, Cacao and Waterfalls in Bribri Indigenous Territory, Ceremonial Hike in Manzanillo National Park and Refuge


Cacao Ceremony, Shamanic Journey, Indigenous Healing, Body Rhythm

6 nights/ 7 days Ocean-View Lodging at Om at Cashew Hill Jungle lodge

3 delicious meals/day (50% of the produce from Om’s organic garden!)

Any transportation between activities

Registration Inquiries to info@sunmint.com

Cost: $1399

We ask for a $200 deposit to secure your spot.

Stay tuned for deals!


Email: holysegu@gmail.com or gia@divinelygia.com

What amazing things will I be experiencing at The Medicine Retreat?


In our modern Western culture, yoga has become somewhat of a fitness fad that is widely spread and trending- and rightly so! It’s a wonderful workout. But yoga is also more than that. Yoga is sacred, yoga is ancient, yoga is medicine. It is one of very few exercise regimens that includes breathing exercises, mindfulness, self-reflection, and rest (for Goddess’ sake!). The word yoga literally means “to unite,” and it beautifully does just that. It unites our mind, body, and spirit in harmony and balance. As esoteric as that may sound, it’s really quite simple and tangible. Yoga teaches us to be present, to be here now, to be with life as it is unfolding within and around us! When we are distracted with worries, thoughts, illness, or injury, yoga shows us how to get re-connected with our bodies so that we can heal and live with intention. As we learn to stay present in our bodies, we start listening to the deeper wisdom that lies within us and we train the mind to be our ally, our creative partner, and our friend. This process starts to unite mind and body in a beautiful partnership. No longer does fear or exhaustion run the show. And as the mind and body become balanced and connected, yoga helps us create space for the presence of our Spirit. This is when we feel truly alive, inspired, loved, and free! Yoga helps us to bring out the deepest, wisest, most authentic, and brilliant parts of ourselves. Whatever you need to heal, let yoga be the medicine that brings you deep within to discover your true healing power and your greatest soul purpose.


If you feel intimidated by the word “meditation,” perhaps you’ll be delighted to know that you’ve actually been meditating all your life! You just weren’t aware of it. Although some people meditate by sitting on a cushion in lotus pose with eyes closed and candles lit, this isn’t the only way to meditate! Meditation is actually any moment where you are completely present, focused intently, yet relaxed and open. Meditation is simply being “in the flow.” You may have experienced this while walking, washing dishes, painting, or holding the hands of a lover. These moments of spontaneous presence are what life is all about! And so we practice meditation (candles, lotus pose, cushion, etc.) in order to become spontaneously present more often in our lives. To be present is to be living fully, with awareness and intention, with peace and love in your heart. And so, meditation is medicine. Meditation shows us how to go with the flow and accept change as it comes. Meditation shows us how to become our own healers of mind, body, and spirit. The present moment is the ONLY moment. As soon as we grasp that and start living in it, we are embodying the true medicine of meditation.


One of the most powerful gifts we are given in this human life is the breath. It is one of very few physical processes in the body that happens automatically, but we can also consciously change it! That’s why the breath is such profound medicine. It taps into every other system in the body. Long, slow, mindful breaths can help ease mental stress, bring you into the present moment, calm the sympathetic nervous system (decreasing the heart rate, blood pressure, and adrenaline/cortisol levels), release physical pain, and find deep relaxation. While rapid, shallow breaths can bring about a stressful energy in your body, deep, slow breaths help you leap beyond any shallow thoughts and arrive at a quiet, peaceful space. The quality of your breath will tell you the state of your emotions, and by changing the breath, we can change our mood! Many people aren’t even aware of the proper, healthy ways to breathe or the many different types of breath that can be used as medicine in the body. The breath is our doorway to the present moment and our key to connecting to the wisdom and healing power within us. We will show you how to use the breath as potent medicine in calming your mind, healing your body, and inspiring the beautiful, bright soul within you that is here to change the world.

Chi Gong

Qigong or Chi Gong is an ancient Eastern practice used for both fighting and healing. Through movements and classical postures, qigong clears energetic channels in our body, unblocking physical and emotional manifestations, and ultimately allowing a greater flow of life force energy. Cultivating the life force within us brings us to a universal state of presence and creates a heightened state of openness and receptivity, like becoming a big energy antenna. Once aligned with the vibrational rhythms of the The Divine, we can find our own inner harmonies, revealing truths, insights, and deep healing that we don’t typically access. Energetically, our body is divided into 3 realms — lower/upper and middle, or yin (earth, feminine)/yang (sky, masculine) and humanity (heart space). Through a series of particular movements for the upper, middle, and lower aspects of ourselves, a subtle opening occurs. In this subtleness, we find our breath, creativity unexpressed, the tenderness of our hearts, and the release of so much gripping we’ve undergone in life itself. In this deep stillness, our inner essence finds its way out, glowing, dancing, releasing, listening, healing. Open, inspired, energized yet relaxed, you’ll reach a state of harmony.

Conscious Movement

Dance is way more than just moving with music. Each of us has a subtle and unique form of movement which finds expression in the presence of an awakened moment, one that won’t be copied, that no one but you can ever understand. Dance has strong roots in community and circling, often central to prayer, and to honoring and loving the land and life itself. Often, our bodies are utilized as a tool for pleasure or work and can be overshadowed by the compulsory control of our minds. We become severed from the sacred gifts that come so naturally to the body, those melodies within us that truly serve our hearts with joy. If we have the time and space to reconnect with that inner essence of sacred movement and dance, we can truly be recalled to a powerful healing space. In this place, there are so many lessons we can learn, so much we have been holding back and waiting to be freed from. If you feel the power of excitement, of inspiration, of inner-knowing growing inside; if you want to let yourself be wild, run with the wolves, sing the Rain Dance of a nation; when you desire to ride a rainbow of your inner-knowing with nothing left out, the dance will fall into your feet and leave you with nothing to remember. Conscious, intentional dance and movement will light the coals beneath your fire, fan the dust around your stars, ride the wind in all your motivations, and allow your skin to fall amongst grasses of your shifting reality, but only as much as you shake it.

Shamanic Journey Through Sound

Since ancient times, communities in every nation have gathered and joined hearts in order to heal themselves and the planet with the sacred power and magic of sound. Using a drum, a rattle, and our own pure voices, we can shift the vibration of our own bodies into unity with the vibration of the Universe. The drum is known to help bring us into a meditative surrender — often known as a trance — allowing us to release emotional trauma, bringing deep healing, and totally recalibrating us on a cellular level. The rattle has a rhythmic quality at a higher frequency, bringing our awareness above the level of our stream of thoughts, helping us access ourselves in a purer state of being. Between a deep, low, drumbeat, varying vocal frequencies, and a higher-pitched rattle, we can tap into an energy frequency where visions, wishes, and prayers can truly be felt and received in our physical bodies and beyond. Indigenous toning, prayers, mantras, songs, and chants offer a unique forcefield, offering true wisdom and medicine for our vibrational bodies when we listen or join along in this powerful shamanic journey.

Sound Healing

Everything in existence vibrates. You, me, that rock, this tree, those clouds. Everything is made of energy! Just like sound, anything that vibrates with energy has a frequency. You could say that everything has its own natural music made up of the energy frequencies that it reverberates. With this knowledge, we can use sound as medicine to affect the energy of anything we wish. We’ve seen in many studies that plants, sand, water, and animals are positively affected by sound vibrations that carry an intention of love and healing. Imagine how your own body can be affected by such powerful sound energy. And what’s even more miraculous is that our greatest tool for creating sound is inside of us- our voices! With intention and love, the energy of your own voice can be used to send healing energy to any area of the body that needs it. We truly are all healers born with the most magnificent tools right inside us. Through song, chanting, and toning, we can use sound to release stress, soothe pain, shift energy, change attitudes, release blockages, create relaxation, and heal disease. In our sound workshop, we will show you how to create your own powerful healing mantra to use as medicine on your journey.

Healthy Food & Mindful Meals

Nature is alive, and everything living is affected by energy and intention — especially the food we eat. Just as we plant seeds in the fertile soil of our souls in order to harvest rich spiritual growth, farmers who nurture and love their plants help us directly when we eat their produce. Consuming organic, and locally sourced produce is the best form of nurturing your body — and brings us into greater connection with the land itself. Intentional eating is a method of energetically altering the vibration of what you consume through gratitude and prayer. This transfer of energy is far more potent and attainable than most realize, and offers incredible potential for shifting and transformation. Once our intuition opens in all directions, we become more aware of the infinite possibilities to access our higher wisdom in every breath. Offering our body-temples nutrient-rich, lovingly grown produce is a great beginning!

Food is literally the medicine that we take every day. If only we all understood the sacred, healing properties of food, we would need no other medicine! In our Western culture, food has become a chore, an emotional support, an enemy, a chemical formula, and a host of other negative things. But food is truly our connection to our mother- the earth. They say that you are what you eat… and it’s true! The fuel that you consume literally becomes the cells and tissues of your body. When we see how precious and healing food from the earth is, we learn to treat it like the sacred medicine it truly is. Healing foods provide sustenance, energy, contentment… life! Ingesting food is an opportunity to love yourself and your body deeply with nourishment, mindfulness, and healing energy. By connecting to the earth, harvesting and preparing healthy foods, listening deeply to the needs of the body, sending healing prayers to the food you eat, and becoming mindful at every meal, we will show you how to cultivate the most potent medicine at our fingertips- food!

Medicinal Plant Walk

Herbs are a very powerful and supportive aid and remedy, and a magical offering from nature, in so many ways! Herbs are simply plants, but offer medicinal healing on many levels to support or cure various ailments in our lives. If caught early enough, herbs can eradicate a symptom; if it’s a chronic condition, they can offer tremendous powerful healing through detoxification, immunity support, pH balancing, and much more, both in prevention and in the middle of a health crisis.

We know common herbs such as chamomile for sleep, peppermint for digestion, ginger for stomach aches, turmeric to boost immunity — plus many herbs we use in our meals, like parsley and cilantro, which clean the blood. All of the herbs we use and crave are supporting our health, balance, and renewal. We will be learning about some of the local medicinal plants on our herbal walk, to connect with and understand which herbs might be right to take on your healing journey! Herbs can sometimes be eaten, but are more commonly ingested in the form of teas or tinctures, or applied topically for specific usage. It’s incredible how transformative nature’s remedies can be for our bodies and minds.

Intentional Living

Living with intention completely changes the world. Once we begin consciously creating our reality through the messages, insights and intuitive feelings we receive, we start to evolve beyond our base reactions and unconscious fears. Through different practices, it’s possible to separate your emotional self from your original Divine self. Living from the universal self brings our attention to all the suffering we experience by living in old patterns, not practicing acceptance, and trying to impose too much control over life. Often, we carry so much guilt about the past, our present circumstances, and how we are now — inwardly judging, debasing, and disrespecting our loving nature. It’s not necessary to carry all of these burdens — they’re not all our doing! We carry in our DNA the karma of our ancestors, memories etched unconsciously in lives past, parts of our soul which were lost and assimilated into our journey, and unconscious energies that we pick up from others every day, all day long! It is NOT our doing for the way we feel, but it IS up to us to make a conscious effort to live a new day, for a new way of living has dawned. Have you actually given a lot of thought to how much you love yourself, or how much you would like to know how capable you are to live in total love and wonder of the universe? It’s time you return, back to your original essence, to bring forth all the magic and gifts you are truly meant to manifest for you and the whole planet!

Manzanillo National Park

What you need to know!


Our loving Caribbean, seaside town of Puerto Viejo is filled with open-minded, aware, interactive, engaging, and friendly people. The town boasts plenty of restaurants with varying types of cuisine, from classically home-style Caribbean and Costa Rican food, to Sushi, Thai, BBQ, and Italian, with plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. Shops and street vendors sell plenty of interesting local and indigenous crafts, jewelry, clothing, and so much more! Puerto Viejo is know for it’s Rastafarian heritage, good vibes included.

Situated right on the coastline, Puerto Viejo stretches along 8 miles of beach, ending at Manzanillo National Park. Smaller beach communities cluster every few miles down the road — becoming less populated and more pristine. Though plenty of people come to Puerto Viejo to enjoy a day at the beach — surfing, snorkeling, or simply relaxing — if you walk, you can be sure to find a spot on the coast with no one in sight. Many people use bicycles as their main form of transportation, including moms with babies — so you can be sure to feel safe as you meditatively cycle through the magic jungle, listening to waves crash and birds sing.


Puerto Viejo is in Limon on the East Coast of Costa Rica. It takes 5 hours, more or less, to reach Puerto Viejo from San Jose (Juan Santa Maria International Airport in Alajuela).


Shuttle — these private vans hold around 12 people, are air-conditioned, and are, in my opinion, the best way to and from Puerto Viejo. Two companies, Caribe Shuttle and Interbus, run twice a day between San Jose and Puerto Viejo, in the early morning, and early afternoon. Cost: $50.

Bus — a less expensive option, a bus leaves downtown San Jose throughout the day, from early morning until 4pm. The main issue with the bus is that it won’t stop for a bathroom break until Limon — 4 hours in! Otherwise, for $12, it usually only takes around ½ hour more than a shuttle, and is a great option.

Plane — While there’s no landing strip in town, there is one an hour away, in Limon. Sansa and Nature Air fly regularly from San Jose — and cost anywhere from $70-$120+. It’s a quick option, but a pricey one. Once you land, it’s easy and inexpensive to find a taxi to the bus, which is one hour from Puerto Viejo — or you can take a private taxi.

Take a deep breath and dive deep,

deeper than the turquoise caribbean waves as they foam against the glittered sand.

Join us for this sacred and magical week in beautiful Costa Rica.


Email: holysegu@gmail.com or gia@divinelygia.com

This empowering retreat is offered to you by:

Gia George

Gia is a yoga and meditation teacher, singer-songwriter, and spiritual creator living in San Diego, California. She creates weekly meditation videos on YouTube on topics ranging from healing emotional wounds to creating a positive mindset to the healthiest ways to breathe. She works with private and corporate yoga clients, performs sound healing and live music, and produces guided meditations for apps like Insight Timer, Daily Yoga App, and Slumber. Gia is most passionate about helping her students, clients, and followers find the deep essence, inspiration, and light of their own souls, as this provides the greatest healing and wisdom. Gia can’t wait to share her passion, voice, and knowledge with the beautiful souls who join us in Costa Rica for the Full Moon Medicine Retreat!!