Web Weekly #3

Web Weekly #3

CSS Custom Properties & Javascript

What do you know about CSS custom properties and how to control them in Javascript? This article gives a nice example of how Custom Properties and Javascript can be used together.

PWA Builder

Manifoldjs changes its name to PWA builder and aims to help with all the tedious tasks that are needed to create a PWA. It will create a Manifest.json, Service Worker, different sized icons and more. Take a look at the tool and see if it can help you reduce the time to do some of these repetitive tasks.

CSS and fonts

CSS and fonts can sometimes be hard to work with when you want to pixel perfect your design. This article goes in depth how fonts work in the browser and how a pixel perfect design can be accomplished.

2017 prediction

Sometimes we need to take a look at the future and what it holds. This article has some interesting thoughts of what the web will give us in 2017.

A new heading element?

Jake Archibald wrote a very interesting article about introducing a new heading element and the benefits and the implications it could cause. It makes you understand that the web is a complicated platform and an extended amount of research and thoughts have to be considered before a spec change like this.

Accessibility & Javascript

Some great tips to write accessible websites and using Javascript to make some of the live interactions accessible. Always a good reminder to understand how you can leverage your site’s accessibility with Javascript.

Webpack in detail

Webpack is on all web developers’ minds but have you ever had a proper understanding of how it works? This article from Smashing Magazine goes in to a bit more detail of Webpack.

Typescript 2.2

Typescript 2.2 was recently released. Read about all the features in the announcement from Microsoft.


A Medium Publication that the folks from the Google Chrome team has started. I recommend to start following this publication: it seems like they will talk openly about best practices to make your web app fast and snappy. A great initiative to make the web faster. Reading the first paragraph will make you understand it is needed.

Chrome Development Tools

All browsers’ development tools are today very powerful and some people prefer one more than another. The most important is to use one development tool and become really good at using it. Here is an article summarizing Chrome’s development tool.

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