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Concept version. Mavero in a not-available pink fabric cover.

Background: I’m a senior designer, used-to-be-product-now-a-user-of-design-as-a-tool-to-create-the-biggest-possible-impact, at Berge — a design and innovation studio in Gothenburg, Sweden. When I write ‘we’ I mean the amazing team who created the magic.

A few years ago we designed an energy storage for stashing your locally-sourced, self-produced, very own solar power. The project was exciting because any contribution to liberate us from the damning addiction of fossil fuels makes our hearts sing. Batteries, we’re aware of, have their own nasty secrets and are in dire need of transformation but the nice detail about batteries needed for storing your solar power, is that the…

As the amount of data keeps growing exponentially and the number of choices we have starts to become more of a burden than a feeling of freedom, the call for curation is the saviour we’ve been looking for.

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Photo: Igor Ovsyannykov

I know, curation it’s not really a new concept in business. Amazon popularised suggestions connected to what you’re currently looking at that is now a staple of every e-commerce site out there.

Spotify and Apple both curate music. In the case of Spotify their “mixtapes” is all you see on the home screen and I’d say it’s becoming a big part of…

In a time when there’s a lot of talk whether you’re digital-, mobile- or AI-first there should be a discussion about appropriate-first. This means taking full advantage of the technology you’re using and not getting stuck in emulating previous standards developed for technologies they’re derived from. This phenomenon is common when you want people to adopt something they’re not used to — from the car looking like a horse carriage to GUIs imitating like physical objects.

Another standard that is very much ingrained into, at least, western culture is the left to right, top to bottom “as a”(could remove) way…

Emil Rosen

I’m a senior designer, used-to-be-product-but-now-a-user-of-design-as-a-tool-to-create-biggest-possible-impact

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