5 Majestic Pink Crystals That You Will Love

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Natural crystals come in a huge range of different color variations from pale, transparent pink, rose, salmon, coral, to deep pink shades. People always believed in the healing abilities of crystals. Pink gemstones were associated with enhancing mental abilities, soothing emotional problems, feelings of neglect and anger. Also, people associate this lovely color with friendship, compassion, love, and relaxation.

5 Majestic Pink Crystals That You Will Love

For the last few decades, people become more interested in colored gemstones. Pink crystals are really sought after, cherished for their soft color. There are many sources that list all kinds of pink crystals, their prices, healing properties, and myths and stories surrounding them. Considering that we may find in the marketplace tons of different pink stones, I will narrow this article to the most interesting and most popular crystals that are often used in jewelry.

Pink Diamonds

Diamonds are the most exclusive crystals found in the marketplace today. This is a prestigious stone that comes in many different colors. Pink diamonds are the second rarest type that many people consider as one of the most beautiful. For this reason, they are so expensive that their price range around 100.000 dollars per carat. Most expensive crystals come in intense, vivid pink color. Sometimes they can have a slight secondary tint that is often brown, orange, gray or purple. Being extremely durable, diamonds are great for making all types of jewelry. With little to no maintenance, they should last for a long time.

Pink Sapphires

Sapphires are the second strongest and most durable crystals after diamonds. For this reason, people consider them a great substitute for them since they are just as beautiful and much more affordable. When you compare the price of pink sapphires that is around 1000 dollars per carat, it is understandable why people turn to them especially for engagement rings. Those crystals are beautiful with vivid color, often very bright. They are easy to maintain, very long lasting and durable.

Pink Tourmaline

This interesting crystal comes in many different colors with pink as one of the most popular with customers. It is pretty easy to find, almost every jewelry store has it mainly because they are very interesting, affordable and durable. Pink tourmaline price mainly depends on its color intensity where deeper colored specimens cost more. This crystal is most often cut into faceted shape since this deepens its color, adds to light reflection enhancing its brilliance. Pink tourmaline has a pretty good rating on the Mohs scale of hardness (7–7.5) so with little attention, this crystal will last for a long time. It can be cracked or scratched.

Pink Topaz

Most of the topaz crystals found today come from mines in Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria, and the US. This stone is not that rare in nature but pink colored gemstones are pretty rare and not that common in nature. Because of this, most of the pink gems found in jewelry stores are in fact being heat treated. This is done mainly to change its color and improve it a bit. As a result, low quality, brown and pale crystals, go through this enhancing process turning them into beautiful gemstones that are much more desirable. On the Mohs scale of hardness, this crystal has a rating of 8 so with a little bit of attention it can last for a long time.

Pink Zircon

Zircon is one of the most amazing and most beautiful crystals. Because of its brilliance and beauty, it is often used as a diamond substitute. As a matter of fact, zircon is often confused with cubic zirconia that is just a cheap diamond fake. Zircon often comes in the blue color buy pink specimens can be also found in nature. They are one of the most interesting and sought after stones. This gem is commonly faceted or cuts into brilliant shape. By doing this, jewelers manage to get most of its beauty bringing out that brilliance of the gemstone. The main disadvantage of zircon is its low durability since on the Mohs scale it has a rating of 6–7.5. For this reason, only it can be scratched, broken and chipped. If you buy zircon jewelry, make sure to pay attention to it in order for the gems to last.

When purchasing colored gemstones you need to pay attention to a few things, mainly their durability. Make sure that you buy highly durable gems for rings in order for stones to last. Crystals that have lower Mohs rating should be used as earrings, pendants or bracelets since the chance to accidentally hit or scratch them lowers. Also, don’t use chemicals to clean your jewelry since this can harm them over time.

Thankfully, different crystals come in a huge range of colors so you can always find the exact shade that you desire. Although some of them can be enhanced using different methods if you want to be sure that you are buying real natural gem you need to ask your jeweler. All enhancing methods used in jewelry exist in order to make crystals better and more desirable so you don’t need to worry if that will destroy or harm your stone.


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