5 Most Fascinating Purple Crystals

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Purple crystals are the most amazing combination of blue and red color that is an interesting mix of passion and calmness, aggression and balance. Since ancient times, this color was associated with glamour, wealth, power, nobility, royalty and sophistication.

5 Most Fascinating Purple Crystals

Although purple gemstones are not that common in nature we may find a pretty good selection of different types of crystals that we may choose from. To help you choose your favorite I will list here some of the most common crystals that come in this color variant and that are often available in jewelry stores. Before proceeding you may find more interesting information on this source page.

Purple Diamonds

In nature, purple diamonds are created in a specific situation when a really high amount of hydrogen is found in earth crust during its formation. Since this is not that often the case, those gems are extremely rare and hard to find. As expected, their price is so high that only gemstone collectors and really wealthy persons can afford to buy them. If you really want one, you will have to satisfy with synthetic crystals created in laboratories that are much more affordable. Purple diamonds are found in most exclusive jewelry.

Image of Purple Diamond Crystal

Purple Sapphires

Although most famous for their majestic blue color, sapphires actually come in nature in much more different including purple. They are much rarer and in my opinion more beautiful. They have formed thanks to impurities inside the crystal that was present during formation of the gem. Considering that the price of purple sapphires is much lower compared to diamonds, they become an interesting substitute for them when it comes to buying engagement rings. Sapphires are extremely durable and resistant to chipping and breaking so they should last for a very long time without any special treatment.

Purple Amethyst

Few hundred years ago amethyst crystal was prized as precious gemstone considered as equal to sapphires, diamonds, emeralds, and rubies. Once huge mining deposits were found in Brazil, its value and prestige dropped significantly. This is now a beautiful gemstone that is very affordable and suitable for every pocket. Amethyst comes in all possible shades of purple color. Most prized specimens come in a deep purple hue. This crystal is the most popular one in the jewelry business for its great durability, incredible luster, and mesmerizing color. Just make sure to pay a little bit of attention since amethyst can be chipped or cracked.

Purple Iolite

There is a big chance that you have never heard of this gemstone but iolite is, in fact, one of the most abundant and often used crystals for making jewelry. This gem is rival in the beauty to much more expensive gemstones like sapphire. Since it is very abundant in nature, it does not have high value. Iolite comes with decent hardness on Mohs scale so it is suitable for all types of jewelry. Being very sparkly, it is for sure best for making rings and earrings.

Purple Jasper

Jasper is a gemstone that is famous for its red color. This gem also comes with interesting inclusions and patterns that add uniqueness and character to every stone. Purple Jasper is also found very often in nature. It is pretty tough gem thanks to its compact nature but on Mohs scale has a score of 6.5 to 7. This interesting gemstone can last a very long time without being damaged if you pay a little bit of attention. Being affordable and common it is a great stone for making all kinds of jewelry.

In combination with white metals like silver, platinum and white gold, jewelry made from purple stones make them stand out in contrast. Those colored stones look more prominent and give that wow effect on everyone. On the other hand, once placed in rose or yellow gold setting, purple crystals get a more vintage, classical appearance.

For the past few decades, people look for colored gemstones more than ever. The main reason for this is probably their abundance in the marketplace and in jewelry stores. People slowly move away from transparent gems in search for something more intriguing, interesting and special. Purple gemstones with all their variants look like a very interesting choice.


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