Quora marketing consists of many parts:

  • Deciding how Quora fits your marketing plan
  • Setting up a good profile
  • Finding the right questions
  • Writing answers people want to read
  • Actually getting traffic from your answers

This post focuses on how to best get people off Quora and to your site. It is an excerpt of the free ebook “The Ultimate Guide to Quora Marketing”. This post assumes that you already know the basics of Quora and how to get started with Quora Marketing. If that’s not the case, my book could help you a lot! 😊Now to getting traffic:

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How Do I Get People to Convert?

Let’s define your funnel now. You can have two goals on Quora: Creating awareness and generating traffic. These two aren’t mutually exclusive, so you should try to be memorable in any case. …

Why I Did It Anyway, and Why You Shouldn’t

Many developers have some sort of website. I always had one too. It’s a space on the web where you get to describe yourself. Unlike with Twitter profiles, you get to set the frame and present a neutral picture of yourself.

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It’s important to me that people who are googling my name quickly know who I am and what I’m working on. They also shouldn’t have to rely on search to find all my social profiles.

That’s why my previous website looked like that:

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I really liked it. It did all the things I wanted it to do. But we both know that it’s not a portfolio. That’s okay. Personal websites don’t have to be portfolios, but I still wanted one. I wanted it for the same reason most other people create one: For finding a job (Yes, you can hire me). …

How I Marketed My Side Project, While Making 550€/Month at a 40h/Week Job

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Photo by Stefan Cosma

As I’m a guy from Austria, I had the choice of going to the military for six months or doing some kind of social work for nine months. I chose the latter, where I made about 550€ per month.
Being passionate about building stuff on the web, I started a side project.

Step 1: Idea & Validation

Marketing on low budget starts where all marketing starts, at idea & validation. With a low budget it’s especially true that you can’t create demand, so you have to be certain that the demand for your product is already there.


Knowing who my idea might be helpful for, I set out to find some people who could be interested in my product. As it is an addition to an existing product, I just searched for references on Quora & Google. …


Emil Bruckner

Having Ideas & Creating Stuff https://emilbruckner.com

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