Just an exercise about one of my characters Logan. But let me know what u think

So I’m sitting on the rooftop of the once famed kollonnade mall, once teamed with life now just an empty shell looted empty long a go by desperate survivors. With my feet dangling over the stone edge soaking up the warm sunlight on my face with a slight breeze on my back, the moment felt surreal, it was a quite quiet morning almost ALMOST feeling normal except for a dozen infected milling around on the ground but they haven’t noticed me yet and I would prefer to keep it that way as they have an annoying habit of devouring any living humans flesh, chucking another peace of chilly bite into my mouth, chewing the succulent piece of spicy meat and it felt like ecstasy so good I got goosebumps down my body till my toes started curling up from the pleasure as I try to hold onto the taste, but I have to confess I myself did some stealing or what we survivors like to call it these days “looting”.
So when I came across this blood red Ford Ranger this morning I was just standing their busy admiring the bakkie as I looked trough the window and found a godsend on the passenger seat, just sitting there on the seat was a 2L bottled water, the brown bag of biltong and a packet of camel light cigarettes along with matches and I shook my head saying to my self “what a shame its not even opened yet” and looked around to see if anyone’s looking then thought to my self "idiot it’s a damn wasteland with no one in sight for miles" and if there where any other people left in this town I wouldn’t think they would call the police on me so,
I picked up a good sized rock and smashed the window, thinking as to how my mother would let me touch my toes if she saw me right now, but I didn’t dwell on the thought to long because I was in serious need of the water as I grabbed for it trough the window taking big gulps of water feeling better i immediately reached in for one of the camel’s shoving the chilly bites into my backpack. suddenly jarred back to reality as I hear the exited moans and groans of the undead below me as I scanned the parking lots below butt was confused as I couldn’t identify the cause of there excitement and I couldn’t possibly think that they founded my scent in the wind that shifted a few minutes ago.
Then the most mortifying scene unraveled before my eyes as a girl maybe a few years older than me came around the bend of the parking area running for her dear life with a gushing wound on her left leg even from this far away I could see it was seriously bad but even more shockingly was the little girl right on her heels I wouldn’t even guess she was more than ten with big frightened eyes and screaming hysterical as she ran behind the other girl.
I wanted to scream at them that they are heading straight into a trap as my little posse of inflected head’s snapped in their direction but I didn’t want to give away my own position ( I know I know it sound cold of me but let me tell you the world’s an even colder place, even more so after the infection started spreading )as they got closer I suddenly felt weak in my knees as a nauseous feeling settles in my throat I wanted to burst into tears as I saw the girl’s face and it couldn’t possibly be ,no it can’t be I refuse to believe it I didn’t know what to do as I stood there on the rooftop.
It’s Jessie my big sister then my hart felt like it was literally cracking as the little girl would be Hailey my little baby sister.
 I stood there in my stupor debating what to do with my guard down from the relaxing day I didn’t even hear one of the infected busting through the door on the roof, only to late did I hear the running footsteps and hungrily moans behind me as I turn to face it it was already on top of me but I managed to turn completely at the last second as it tackles me hard to the ground hitting my hed hard as we engaged in a wrestle match,as I’m on the hard cold concrete of the roof still dazed I heard Hailey screaming help over and over from the bottom of her little lungs filled with absolute terror I just couldn’t except the fact that I was about to die here on this rooftop or worse I will be to late to help them

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