The key to getting into my Career


The idea of graduating college and going on to use the knowledge and skills that you learned in your undergraduate classes to find a job in the real world can be a daunting task. It is important to do some research about the area of work and the exact type of positions you are looking to apply for.

Keyword research helps narrow down the area of searching you want done. When you look at a job ad, read the job description and pull out some of the keywords. It is important to start broad, and combine more than one keyword together to get your first search. Once you complete the first search it is time to refine that list and go with the more important selection of words to get better job ads. Employers are looking for specific words that you use in your resume that they can pull back into their job description.

The job search I will be doing will be for any business administration positions, specifically in the healthcare field. I have previously learned that it is important to read into each position you are applying for in order to ensure clear communication between you and the employer. Some of the most frequent keywords I found was communication skills, problem solving, interpersonal skills, and

Job Ad Research

I researched ads from different newspaper online ads and specifically indeed. Most positions were entry-level, up to two years of experience.

Primary Job Ads

Job 1:Clinic Administrative Assistant, Twin Cities Pain Clinic

Job Description: Working under the supervision of the Administrative Assistant Supervisor, the full-time Administrative Assistant coordinates, oversees, and/or performs a wide variety of clinical and program support activities. Performs clinic activities including, but not limited to, insurance prior authorizations and eligibility,new patient referrals and current patient scheduling.

Job 2: Administrative Assistant, Fairview Physician Associates at Southdale Place

Job Description: This position represents FPA Network as the first point of contact when guests call or visit the office. Supports day-to-day operations, coordinating schedules, organizing and maintaining files and records; schedules and prepares room/materials for meetings, prepares and distributes meeting notes as requested. Supports management staff reporting to the FPA Network COO.

Supplementary Job Ads

Job 3:Entry Level - Healthcare Recruiter, Maxim Healthcare

Job 4: Hospitalist Program Manager, Fairview Southdale

Job 5: Clinic Medical Director, Concentra

Keywords: timely and accurate manner, communication skills, approachable, commitment, confidentiality, outgoing, fast-paced, academic and personal achievement, optimistic attitude, obtain and retain knowledge, understanding of state and federal laws, prioritize demands, regularly communicates, utilizes tools, customer service, duties as assigned, administrative experience.

Professional Keywords: timely and accurate manner, confidentiality, communication, optimistic attitude, outgoing, fast-paced, neat, professional, attention to detail.

Most Essential Keywords

  • Communication: Written, Oral, English
  • Leadership: Energetic, optimistic attitude, outgoing, retains knowledge
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