A thought experiment: let’s add a new role to scrum — the craft master

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I recently read an article about how scrum disempowers developers due to its focus on value rather than technical excellence. This is something that resonates with me, so to “pump” my intuition I want to do a little thought experiment where we try to stay within the scrum universe, but try to solve the main problem (developers being disempowered by scrum) by modifying the scrum framework.

As the author of the article states, “Scrum has a master, product has an owner, but no-one is empowered to advocate for development priorities.” To remedy this, let’s add a new role to scrum called the craft master. The craft master guides the team to understand their work as a craft, and to help them reflect and improve on it. This person does not necessarily have to be an individual contributor (much like the scrum master). The craft master has excellent technical leadership skills, deep technical knowledge and keeps abreast of what’s happening in the world of “software craftsmanship”. The craft master makes sure that the team’s notion of quality and craftsmanship manifest in the Definition of Done, and brings the Definition of Done to the foreground as an integral part of scrum.

Would the craft master empower developers?

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