Weekend newsletter 28 January 2017

Starting now, my goal is to publish the best articles I read every week. These articles are either practical guides or reflexions. They’ll generally talk about design, technology, books, experiences, books, life.


“It can be easy to build something that people request, but what’s really important is to build what they need.” says Christina Holsberry Janzer talking about why they took 2,5 years to build the threaded conversations

A good article about how Airbnb used the Material Design guidelines to build their multi-platform app.


I’m a great believer and user of emojis. This article explains why it’s so important and what are the most popular emoji in business messaging. Find out in the Intercom emoji data report.

Design Guides & Tips

In-depth guide about how to choose your theme color and create variations of it based on hue!

Practical guide on how to create a style guide with Sketch and provide all the informations needed for the dev team.

Joy bot + book

If you don’t know this bot yet, it’s the perfect way to explore the benefits of joy in your daily life! How to create it and start to have a new perspective in your daily life!

Definitely worth reading book. Here’s a passage from the book:

Nobody expects this book alone will change the world. No, that’s impossible, but from various quarters, with a common effort, and a vision that thinks about humanity, we can achieve unity and harmony with a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood, with the oneness of humanity. And all these small problems here and there, I think, ultimately, we will solve, but we must also address the bigger problems. When the larger systemic problems are addressed, then the smaller problems will also be solved quite easily. So all of us, spiritual brothers and sisters, have a special responsibility, have a special role to make clear that the ultimate source of a meaningful life is within ourselves. If you live in this way, until your last breath comes you will be a happy, happy person. That’s the goal of human life — to live with joy and purpose.


The Elbphilharmonie concert hall in Hamburg

That’s it for today. See you next week! 🤙