The Best Ways to Convert Leads Collected in an Event

All marketers know that capturing a lead may not always be a fun activity as people are hesitant to provide information. That is why they came up with an innovative concept called “experiential marketing”, through which attendees are observed for their behavioral pattern rather than asked for their opinion. This demands that marketing and event lead management needs to be more aligned with technology.

Leads are precious for any marketer. It is important they are converted as soon as possible. For this, it is essential to make event marketing an engaging experience with a lead capture and management system enabled by behavior measurement technology. An effective lead management system will comprise of a lead optimization plan with the following distinct stages:

● Using qualifying questions to layer the leads and separate hot leads from secondary ones

● Using conversion points to distinguish between different leads and offer incentives

● Identifying qualified leads and segment them immediately

● Making sure that the identifiers are aligned with the target market

● Using skip logic and piping based on answers to specific questions

● Ensuring that multiple conversion points are in sync with cross-tracking

● Encouraging sales staff to get more insights about preferences and opinions of leads.

In order to ensure that your event lead collection is successful and facilitates ease in conversion, the lead management tools should come with the following features:

● Simple interfaces for ease in visitor registration, customer relationship management (CRM) and exhibitor databases

● Fully integrated software with popular CRM tools

● Customize the leads on the basis of fields, priority, contact details, sales potential, etc.

● Built-in capability for automatic follow up such as setting reminders and sending follow up mails

● ·Data that can be used to create video presentations and other digital assets based on sales material.

Regardless of the type of event organized, using lead collection and management systems with the features detailed above can work wonders for getting maximum customers. The use of technology such as RFID and smartphone apps is on the rise for making events more effective. Sponsored, corporate, and promotional events, as well as mobile tours, are being organized more effectively by using behavioral measurement technology.

It is one thing to use technology, but getting the most out of it requires a high level of expertise. This is where the organized event lead management discussed here can help you out. It is no longer good enough to simply organize events effectively, whether an experiential immersive event or a seminar or conference. The event organizers should give you digital tools to collect data that you can later use to formulate marketing plans including lead management.

The most effective ways of converting leads collected in an event involves use of technology for behavioral measurement of attendees. Make sure your event organizers offer the required technology for facilitating in seamless conversion.

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