Cryptocurrency Resources List (109+ links 🔗)
Alexander Isora 🦁

Thanks for writing this story. I started trading Bitcoins, Ethereum & investing in ICO’s in the beginning of August this year.

I am still pretty fresh with the Cryptocurrency market but your story is the one that have helped me the with the most relevant information that I really needed on Medium so far.

One more thing, I just bought a Nano S Ledger. I have activated it with pin code etc. However my Windows 10 PC is being repaired by a local shop that I trust. I am borrowing a PC from the shop when they repair my PC. Should I wait to connect my Nano S Ledger to a PC until I get my PC repaired, or can I connect my Nano S Ledger to the PC that I am borrowing from the shop? If I do so will the app that I install on Google+ follow to my repaired PC or will it be on this borrowed PC? What do you suggest?

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