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Strong is confidence in your identity and boldness to dream and pursue it

Strong is knowing when to be vulnerable and when to ask for help

Strong is knowing when to give up and when to say, “I’m sorry”

Strong is the emotional capacity to weather the storms of life and the drama of dealing with imperfect and fallible people

Strong is forgiving the past, accepting the present and hoping for the future

Strong is being you when everyone is losing their head

Strong is allowing yourself to be weak, unsure and ‘insecure’ when you doubt yourself and your next decision

You are STRONG & AWESOME. Don’t EVER think you’re not strong because you are having a bad day

The amazing truth is you don’t give yourself credit enough….you sort of are used to your own awesomeness and take you for granted

You are STRONG just the way you are…

  • Esohe Igbinoba

Happy Birthday, Esohe (Esohe Igbinoba)! Thank you for always adding value. I am grateful…

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