Errrrr, i really don’t know where to start from, Writing long speeches isn’t really my thing but i really need to share this based on how impactful this program has been to me.

So it all started when i was talking to a friend and he told me about a program running which is handled by Andela and Google and it was at a point in my life where i really needed to take something up, i mean get busy with something really productive,so i decided to enroll and take the course.

It was really difficult at first having to combine my job with this extra learnings that i had almost zero idea about initially but i was able to balance it up as time went on and of course as my love for android programming grew more. I know its crazy, but I spend almost my whole day writing android programs and trying to fix a bug in my program, i guess this is the most interesting part, fixing a bug always led to learning something new. Lol, well thats because my ‘weekness’ is not stopping until a problem is fixed and would even skip meals sometimes for this.

Moreso, the Udacity tutors are so much fun so it made learning easy and didnt bore me for a minute.I finished the ALC beginners course on udacity in no time and i enrolled for several other android courses on udacity like Android Basics: Multi-Screen App, Introduction to Java: Functional Programming and Developing Android Apps on Udacity after completing the Andela Scholarship:Android Development for beginners course.

There are thousands of resources online that can help solve issues or answer questions thats related to a problem already faced by someone. For me Stackoverflow is my best. Lol, At least it did solve almost all my problems.

Recently i decided to take up a challenge to help a friend build a beauty app which i am currently working on, The functionality of the android app allows you create an account which can be linked to both your Gmail or Facebook account, allows you book an appointment with a beauty pro around you online , allows beauty pros create an account and makes their profiles visible to millions of beauty customers that allows them get linked to customers to book an appointment with them. well, for a beginner like me this isnt expected to be so easy, thats why i took it up and its been really fun, exciting and challenging .

Thanks to Andela and google!!.