Ruby-asterisk — Asterisk Manager Interface in Ruby

A few years ago I wrote a library for communicating with an Asterisk instance thru the AMI protocol.

This library was used in a super-secret project for one of the most important european telco and me and my ex-cofounder (he is still leading the company and doing some real cool stuff!) were really exicted for the opportunity given.

Even though the project had to remain secret, we decided to release the AMI library I developed as open source in an attempt to finally give back to open source, after years of using free software in our daily job.

The result was ruby-asterisk and since then it has been a fairly successful gem and I am happy if people find it useful for their projects.

Some people asked what was the difference between ruby-asterisk and Adhearsion: I still think that Adhearsion is a very good framework for interfacing with Asterisk, but when it comes to customize the workflow of your application, I prefer to have more control on what I am doing.

Hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think in the comments, and if you want to use it in your project!

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