Converge 2017, an event on the future!

This past week we had the third edition of our annual event Converge, this time in NY in the spectacular NYSE. There was an amazing line up of speakers and some cool workshops, and I was so inspired by the topics and discussions that I wanted to drop some quotes and thoughts about it. Hope to see you there next year!

“Creating A.I. is creating different types of intelligenceMartin Migoya, CEO Globant.

I love this quote. Martín took the time to stretch a point also shared by Kevin Kelly in his latest book that explains how different types of intelligence are all around us, and that A.I. is not coming to take over but rather to complement and augment our intelligence and make it more efficient. This view is hopeful and full of opportunity.

Think what aspect of your business you would like to improved and where you want to break the mold.” Barry Pellas — A.I. Studio Partner Globant

Barry showed us that the power of A.I. does not lie in one platform, or in a software but rather in our capacity to observe behavior and create solutions that are powered by A.I. and all the possibilities that it enables.

One of the most inspiring panels that we had was a candid conversation that Steph Trunzo had with Linda Rottenberg (CEO and Founder of Endeavor), they covered many topics, from “what makes a company great”, to the importance of being “polimentorship” (a hilarious term that Linda came up with). But one of the pearls that I took was this:

In stead of being a superhuman leader, focus less on being super and more on being human”. Linda Rottenberg

Linda encouraged us to be vulnerable leaders, and with that vulnerability we open doors to more conversations and more opportunities for transformations, both in the digital and in the social world.

I was also inspired by a panel that Martin Migoya had with Daniel Pinto (CEO JPMC). They talked about the opportunities that A.I. brings to the industry and what it means to become more productive in this age of machine learning. When asked “What are the key factors that will define the success in becoming more productive and transforming the organization” Daniel Pinto answered:

We need to eliminate inefficiencies in our daily work, we need to be smart and creative in how we work, and we need to adopt a culture of efficiency and progress” Daniel Pinto

I loved this point of view from Daniel, he showed that a digital transformation does not only come from adopting new technologies, but also comes from being reflective in the way we work and becoming more efficient in how we observe behavior and make decisions, and then change for the good.

At the end of the day, true sustainable transformation comes from within, and Daniel and his team are pursuing this transformation.

There were many more panels and even some cool and fun workshops and product displays. I loved being part of this event, and getting inspired with so many talented and accomplished professionals that are looking to transform their organization through technology and design and ultimately make an impact in the world. So thank you to all the speaker, and thank you to all the globers that made this event possible again! See you next year.

I’ll leave you with some more photos and videos from the event. Have Fun!

There is something very purposeful about designing a sustainable and relevant solution. Head of Design at Globant.