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To be successful in trading we need to understand the importance of a set of rules that have guided all types of traders.

I have always been passionate about trading. I remember my first trading around year 2000. At that time, I was a broke university student but I asked my father to lend me some money. I didn’t know anything about trading but a lot of people were making a fortune so I couldn’t wait to start my journey.

“Airlines companies are going to take off soon” — my financial advisor said to me. So, invested all my equity in a small private airline company.

For every crypto-investors who get rich, there are hundreds who are losing their capital. Most common trading mistakes can be avoided by following some simple rules.

Some months ago, I met a guy who was very passionate about cryptocurrency. At that time, I was not much involved in crypto-investment. I am a trader but I trade only assets I know very well.

The guy started trading long time ago and he seemed to have a broad knowledge of the market. So, I asked him if it was one of the lucky guys who made a fortune trading Bitcoin at the end of 2017.

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His answer puzzled me. He stated that he actually made around ten thousand dollars when he sold his Bitcoins, but it was the beginning of September 2017. At the end of December 2017, he had some friends who eventually got rich because they kept investing in Cryptos and sold them right at the top. …

The internet we have today is neither the internet we will have in the future nor the internet we have designed for what we currently expect it to do. About 40 years ago the internet was created as a communication device and has a result it has some fundamentals weaknesses.

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First of all, it was not built for security. The design decision of TCP/IP protocol were made when computer hardware was significantly more expensive than it is today. Everything was built on performance, not on security.

The internet was not built for providing digital identity. To access an online service, we identify ourselves through our name, or email, or Facebook account and we authenticate with our password. …

While ICO investments have been slowing down in 2018, the amount of money invested by VCs in the blockchain industry has increased significantly .

ICO (Initial Coin Offering’s) are a direct way of investing in startups (in exchange for digital coins or tokens. In 2017 Coindesk estimated that over 300 million USD have been invested in the crypto space, but things changed in 2018 and investors are now shying away as the market is still highly unregulated.

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On July 2018 the American Security and Exchange Commission (SEC ) expressed its position on the ICO . A cryptoasset is considered as a security if it has been offered via an initial coin offering (ICO) or a token-generated event (TGE) where a token is given in exchange for investment into a product or service offering. The introduction of regulation will bring transparency and security for private investors. …


Emiliano Politano

I am therefore I think. It is all about technology, personal development and triathlon

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