The heartbreaking divorce seen from the EU bubble perspective

«Someday it’s going to make sense »

They will both move on. Though they have friends in common, they will find a way to see them separately. Luckily, they don’t have any kids to fight about, and they can afford to find each their own place to stay.

They will continue to live in…

Sightseeing Moscow 2016, historic, terrifying KGB Lubyanka headquarters

We will probably never understand all aspects of the Salisbury attack

I certainly don’t. And the more I study the affair, the more complex the interests involved appears. Although we’re all waiting for Skripal to wake up and tell us the whole truth, we can only expect to hear part of the story at most.

Let’s assume that Kremlin is behind the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter with military-grade nerve agent Novichok made in Russia.

What would Kremlin gain from it?

Skripal, the Russian colonel, was sentenced to 13 years in a Russian prison in 2006 for selling information to UK MI6. …

People often tell me the EU is super complicated and that they know EU politics affect their lives. But they don’t know how to get involved. It must be super frustrating to feel powerless like that. But actually, there is no reason to be.

From my side, working in the “Brussels Bubble” I would say that it’s our responsibility to stay informed on politics that affect our work, our ability to travel without a passport, which food we eat, how clean our air and nature is, etc.

I would recommend many more to study for a little while.

Changing something is easier if you know a bit about the system. It…

Let’s face it

The EU looks boring from the perspective of most citizens.

No one, except for us, the people that work here and companies that know their business depends on us, finds the Union really exciting.

Is that a problem?

In the short run, probably not.

In the long run, yes.

The almost 50.000 employees plus politicians are in Brussels and beyond for the benefit of citizens. We work every day to improve their lives, the health of the planet, the economy of the member states and even the lives of people in countries EU trade with.

Though other important factors make the EU institutions more…

Why SoMes are vital for policy changes.

Companies can be first movers, policymakers follow suit or lack behind.

After the Florida shooting companies like Hertz, AVIS, Delta and much more under the hashtag #BoycottNRA stopped cooperating with the National Rifle Association. Other companies raised the minimum age for buying guns to 21 years.

At the same time, the American president suggested teachers carry guns to discourage school shootings and Georgia State punished Delta and killed a proposed tax break on jet fuel.

Meanwhile, the Senate in Oregon adopted a bill preventing people convicted of stalking, domestic violence or that have a restraining order from buying or owning firearms and ammunition.

Weird contradictions? No, not really.


Info shop in front of the European Parliament, Brussels

We make significant legislation that affects more than 500 million people directly in 28 countries.

No one seems to care what we do in Brussels. When Donald Tusk (aka the president of the European Council) speaks on…

Elevator eyes in the elevators from older Members of Parliament. Mansplaining and pencil skirts.And a Service Department that helps you more if you’re tall and blonde.

Those are natural components of life and death in the democratically elected manifestation of European democracy.

I have worked in the European Parliament for almost three years, and I feel lucky to say that I never experienced any severe MeToo cases here. …

- How to be metropolitan rather than a tourist or a traveler

When I graduated from high school in Denmark, I went to live in Cape Town, then Istanbul, Milan, Reykjavik and now placed in Brussels. I make sure to travel as much as possible during almost all weekends and all vacations.

Restless life. Maybe. But not stressful. Being on the way is also a way of living and this lifestyle is — besides exciting — a great way to learn how to be comfortable and at ease in all situations with all kinds of people.

Moscow a very cold morning in March

Do you get annoyed by backpackers that come home from six months of traveling India; explaining…

Don’t worry. Groundbreaking changes take time and visualizing what you want to accomplish is much more important than which date you get started.

Whether you aim to quit smoking or doing more sports or cutting down SoMes, you can change. Breaking a habit may take 21 days. But stopping one lousy practice without preparation, thinking over the whys, the pros, and the cons puts you profoundly at risk of replacing one pattern with another.

Changing a habit does not only encompass the physical change. It includes lots of other mental changes that take time to manifest. …

Emilia Valbum

EU Public Affairs professional on health, transport and energy. Privately, I love fashion, my friends and the ocean. Views are personal.

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