My 5 Favorite Moments in #USWNT History [VIDEOS]

Each one represents luck, will, or a combination of both — all anyone ever needs in life.

I don’t have enough space (nor you, attention) to write about my love of soccer, the women’s game, and of course the #USWNT. All I can say is that when I was a kid, I could not get my hands on enough copies of Soccer Junior to soak up any information about my heroes: Foudy, Lilly, Hamm, Akers, Gebauer, Venturini, Heinrichs…the list goes on. Like so many other young girls, I dreamed of someday playing for the U.S. squad in front of tens of thousands of cheering fans.

Well, even if we didn’t end up being National-Team material, my friends and I learned so much about life, fitness, confidence, and determination from playing soccer; I can’t imagine my world now without the game for those 15 solid years out on the field.

Now we follow an exciting roster of modern heroes like Wambach, Rapinoe, and Morgan, and dream of the team finally taking another World Cup title since that magical match in 1999. So as we get ready to cheer on the #USWNT this summer, I think back on all of my memories as a fan. These are my top five — feel free to share yours in the comments!

#5: Inaugural Women’s World Cup Final vs. Norway (1991)

The legendary Michelle Akers scores the winning goal for the U.S., with ten minutes left in regulation.

#4: Alex Morgan. Boom. (2012)

In the 2012 Olympic Games semifinal versus Canada, Morgan scores the winning goal on a header with 30 seconds left in OT stoppage time.

#3: Brandi. Chastain. Obvi. (1999)

Women’s World Cup final versus China penalty kick shootout. Nail-biting hours of regulation & overtime play (in the era of Golden Goals) came down to this one shot.

#2: Rapinoe to Wambach. Enough said! (2011)

Probably the greatest moment in the post-99ers squad, IMO. 2011 WWC quarterfinal versus Brazil.

#1: Kristine Lilly’s perfect timing prevents China’s golden goal (1999)

Before the sports bra there was Kristine Lilly’s head. In this rare highlight, notice Lilly’s perfect time-and-place headsave on the goal line, deflecting China’s near-golden goal (yes, they had those back then) in the first period of OT, and keeping the match alive. 1999 WWC final versus China.

What are your favorite memories? Would love to hear all about them!

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