I am still happy with my 2013 MBP but I would like a machine with faster CPU at least 16GB or 32GB…
Jason Kemp

More than 16GB RAM isn’t as simple as you’d think. DDR3 has a limit of 16GB RAM. To go higher, you need to switch to DDR4. Intel mobile chipsets do support DDR4, but they *do not* support Low Power DDR4. A switch to DDR4 to allow for > 16GB RAM would have a significant impact on battery life.

“So just add more battery!”

Also not so simple. The FAA limits laptop battery size to under 100 watt-hours. The MBP battery is already at 99.5 watt-hours. Apple literally cannot put more battery in the thing without it being banned from airplanes. This is something all laptop manufacturers must deal with.

Suddenly, many inexplicable design decisions make a ton of sense when you consider that battery life is a priority for Apple. The RAM limitations, the slower GPU, etc. Everything is a balancing act with battery life. It all impacts portability.

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