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Will you leave the us alone? Let our president do his job and solve our country’s problem. Your criticisms could not help unless you offer a solution. We the 91% of the population trust our president that he can do his job properly and effectively. Please don’t interfere on our internal affairs because you did nothing about this for a very long time. Extra Judicial killings happens many times before and even worst but you were just acting deaf and mute. Now we have a president having a strong will with a heart to face the challenge, you now barking like a dog. Please allow us this time to make change in our country.

6 years of Aquino Administration — 34 deaths everyday. Most victims were law abiding citizens. Media, Human Rights advocates, CBCP, UN did nothing.

Now, DUTERTE Admin — 20 deaths everyday mostly suspected criminals and drug pushers. Media, Human Rights Advocates, CBCP and UN were complaining foul.

9 out of 10 Filipinos were supporting our President, please stop spreading false information as if our country is going down and the President is wicked. He is our last hope… so BACK OFF!!!

The deal is, what corporate media is doing is perpetuating the propaganda that if you say it over and over enough time people will believe it. So what corporate media is doing here is simply carrying the elites agenda.

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