Should You Hire A Web Designer?

This Is The #1 Question …

most small businesses/startup’s have that need a spot online. There are countless DIY options that are beyond just “usable.”

The technical end of getting a site up and running is becoming less problematic by the year. Most can put a working, good looking site up fairly quickly. Great for testing ideas, projects or following the lean startup mode of operations. But after your idea has been proven and you’re moving to the next step you may want to start interviewing web designers.

A designer isn’t somebody who just sits behind a keyboard writing <div> this & that</div> with fancy code talk. A real designer is DESIGNING a user experience. The real talent and experience is knowing how a given user will interact with your site and funnel the desired result no matter if it’s on a laptop, tablet, phone, IOS or Droid.

Design For Results

Your site may do well, but could it do better? If you’re ad’s are killing it in clicks but the conversion is low, this could be a site design issue. Assuming everything is functioning well, you may need a designer to increase conversion rates. Your DIY site makes sense to you but a designer will know how to improve your prospects interaction on your page. A result is engineered from every angle.

Moving To The Pro’s

You should start looking for a web designer when your business has proven it can make money and you want to start competing against your pro competition. If your competition and you are neck and neck (most local service industries stand here) with online presence, a good designer could be the competitive edge you could use to snatch up the massive online prospect base.

I urge most to build their first sites themselves. Test the product. Get up and running. When you’re proven and ready to move to the next step hire the pro. It’s as important as a CPA or lawyer.

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